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Game duel online – this is one of the most popular fun. Fans of action and shooters will appreciate the entertainment. Fight the computer or a real opponent. Choose the right weapon and determine whose accuracy and speed of reaction is better. Here you will find both the classics of the genre and games featuring cartoon characters. We advise you to play as a ninja who must save the city from a gang of criminals. You can also arrange a duel between penguins. Despite their attractive and sometimes funny appearance, they are extremely determined. You can also play a fun game developed based on the popular animated series Avatar. Favorite cartoon characters will bravely fight with their opponents. The choice of duels is huge, so all gamers will be able to find suitable games, regardless of preferences. Invite a suitable opponent and start the battle. Take yourself back to the time of Pushkin, when the word duel made your blood run cold, and impressionable ladies felt sick. In those distant times, there was no talk of fun, but of a very risky event, one of the participants of which was supposed to die.