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There are many legends about dragons. In some stories, they appear as real monsters that destroyed entire villages. They could terrorize entire cities for centuries, kidnap the most beautiful and noble girls, imprisoning them in some remote lonely fortress. In other stories, these mythical creatures fearlessly fought the forces of evil and protected people. Good dragons have always been noble and grateful, they could save someone’s life by sacrificing their own, fearlessly defend their master’s cities and castles from evil invaders. Entire legends and tales were composed about dragons, passed down through the millennia by word of mouth. Tales of dragons have survived to this day. Today it is difficult to refute or confirm certain facts. But, we can say with confidence that many famous legends have become part of popular online games. Virtual space could not do without these amazing creatures. Dragon games are a popular pastime for many teenagers. Adults also enjoy playing. There are also mythical characters on many coats of arms. And in Eastern culture, these creatures are a symbol of fearlessness, wisdom and honor. Sooner or later they had to appear in the game space. Many online games are based on famous characters from films and children’s TV shows. For example, the animated series about Jake Long is very popular. Games dragon Jake Long are waiting for you on our portal. But, starting the game, you should not forget that we are not talking about a simple character. The computer creature is a teenager named Jake Long. The peculiarity of the boy is that he can turn into a dragon with lightning speed.