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Mysterious and extremely intricate stories are loved by many. Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming Sherlock Holmes’ assistant? And who has not dreamed of becoming the hero of detective stories, for example, James Hadley Chase or Agatha Christie? This section of our portal invites you to experience the essence of such a complex profession as a detective. In such games, you will need to rely on your logic, somewhere, maybe, become a little meticulous in order to find all the necessary evidence, collect the necessary evidence, bring all the threads to one end, come to one conclusion. Expose criminals in virtual space and become heroes. But, be prepared for the fact that you have to “turn on” not only logical thinking. Good intuition and a special inner flair will help to unravel complex cases. It is important to learn to compare facts. Only in this way you can find out the true motives of the criminals. Detective games are very diverse. In one of the games, you have to save the princess who ended up on a mysterious ship. Beware of traps and bloodthirsty pirates. In another game, you will get out of a huge estate, which is inhabited by terrible ghosts. In addition, you need to look for various items that will help you get out of a complex maze. Not uncommon in games of this genre and murder. One of them happened in an abandoned house. Set off with your faithful companions on the road and immerse yourself in an exciting adventure. But be very careful – danger can lie in wait at every corner!