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The very name of the genre suggests that you need to defend yourself from enemies who want to take over your property. Luckily, you can take a seat next to some weapon and make them regret that they decided to attack you. Pirates and zombies, flight simulators and enemy bases, sniper scopes and evil spirits – all this awaits its heroes in Defense. You can start, for example, by cleaning up the city, which was captured by bloodthirsty zombies and turned it into Zombieland. This happened due to the fact that scientists were looking for easy money by giving out their invention under the guise of ketchup, which infects everyone around. Now the gamer, in the face of an ordinary seller of hot dogs, will have to go through a difficult path to restore cleanliness and order in his hometown. You can also become the greatest pro pilot, take part in the battle of iron birds, defending your base. Or you can with dignity protect your house, garden, roof and even pool from zombies with the help of plants: shooting peas, exploding cherries and peppers, projectiles that shoot like a catapult, corn and watermelon and many other defense plants. Also, with the help of monkeys, you can protect the tower from … balloons. Stubborn balls are all trying to break through the defenses of the monkeys in waves, which are holding on with their last strength and cannot do without your help. Our game portal also presents classic defense games where you need to defend a fortress or a castle. Don’t hesitate – choose the right online game and show off your defense skills to your friends.