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Dance has many definitions. But, the main point is in the movement. Participants of this action are charged with positive and receive a lot of positive emotions. There were different periods in history. And if a couple of centuries ago it was possible to demonstrate one’s skills and mastery only at a ball, then today’s youth does not hesitate to move rhythmically even in the middle of the street. Moreover, young people perform, at times, very intricate movements. Street style dancing is wildly successful. It is worth paying attention to modern music, which is different from what our ancestors listened to. There was a frantic dynamics and rhythm. You need to move extremely fast. Globalization has also affected the entertainment industry. People have the opportunity to get acquainted with other cultures. Each nation has its own dances, the movements of which can be difficult to learn. But, the virtual game space will help to master the theory. In particular, gamers will be attracted to such fun. Girls will enthusiastically move their mouse to incendiary Latin American motives.