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Counter-Strike is perhaps the most popular shooting game in the genre. All teenagers will agree that there is no better entertainment than a counter strike. This game originally appeared as a variation of Half-Life. This is a cult version in the shooter genre, in which the action takes place in the first person. True connoisseurs of shooting games have 5 versions of the game to choose from. Counter Strike version 1.6 is especially popular today. On our site you can play counter strike for free without registering. At any time, everyone can enjoy an exciting gameplay. Immersed in the virtual space, you can relax and cheer up. In addition, you will get a good emotional discharge – aggression and anger will go away. There are many Counter-Strike fans around the world. We tried to take into account the preferences of all categories of gamers. In this section you will find both classic shooters and novelties of this genre. For example, you can shoot at targets, or at zombies, is in a static position, or run like crazy through an unknown area, shoot at your enemies with a machine gun, or cut them with a knife. In any case, the games in this section will not let you get bored. They are very dynamic, saturated with all sorts of enemies, a diverse arsenal. Each game has its own specific opportunity to shoot from the first person at the most unpredictable and simply classic objects. In this section of games, you can play both alone and with your friends. Invite your friends and enjoy the popular multiplayer game!