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With such colorings, you are not threatened with the cost of paper and pencils, but meanwhile, computer coloring has much more possibilities! The point here is not only in the number of drawings, which is truly limitless, but also in the interactive possibilities of such games. The child can not only paint figures, but also participate in interesting adventures with the characters of their favorite cartoons. Online coloring games run directly from the site, which is much more convenient than looking for magazines, and a child of almost any age can figure out the controls in these programs. Drawing from the online application can be saved and printed, getting a great example of children’s creativity. Do you want to go on a colorful journey with your friends? Snow White and the Dwarfs, Tom and Jerry, Luntik – in the collection of our site there was a place for all the famous characters in children’s films and fairy tales. The graphics of computer games is not limited and, unlike paper illustrations, the heroes of our coloring pages have the opportunity to literally leave the page, and, with the help of the player, go looking for real adventures in fairy kingdoms!