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Online chess is a game that will appeal to both professionals of the gaming world and beginners. No matter how much experience you have in the game, you can always have fun and find the right opponent. For some, chess is more than just a game. Intellectual entertainment will help you put your thoughts in order and concentrate your attention. You will be distracted from problems and will be able to solve complex problems. This game has its roots in the past. More than one and a half thousand years ago, people came up with this entertainment. The progenitor of chess is the Indian game Chaturanga. Neighboring peoples have modified it. Wandering from country to country, the game looked more and more like a modern analogue. The rules were finally formed only in the middle of the nineteenth century. International chess tournaments also began to be held regularly. The modern rhythm of life has forced many to correct. The leisure and entertainment industry is no exception. And if earlier many managed to break into the club of board game lovers, today there is practically not enough time for this. But, if you have a PC and a connection to the global network, you can indulge in pleasure and play a game of your favorite game.