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Cat games are a real find for all lovers of cute and kind online toys. Cats themselves are very beautiful and cute creatures. They are always pleasing to the eye, you can have fun with them. The creators of all kinds of games also did not bypass our lazy pets. Many gamers will also understand that not all cats are lazy and clumsy. In virtual space, even the fattest cat can race a skateboard or fight street bandit cats. Adventure cat games deserve special attention. Together with the main character, you will go to another planet and will enthusiastically solve puzzles and riddles. Amazing worlds and no less amazing inhabitants of other planets are waiting for you. Gamers will meet in the online space with Tom. He also, as in the cartoon, is chasing the quick-witted little mouse Jerry. But, the only difference is that in the cartoon, the cunning mouse managed to slip away from the cat. In the virtual space, everything depends solely on the dexterity of the gamer. Gamers will be impressed by the variety of plots. In our collection you will find a lot of exciting online toys. Both hooligan cats and cute cats are waiting for you. There are a huge number of games. Everyone will be able to choose entertainment according to their interests. Our cute cats just won’t let you get bored! They will make you worry about their fate. Together with them you will experience all the intrigues of fate, unpredictable plots, various races, fights with other heroes of games, solve difficult puzzles and puzzles, solve logic puzzles. For whom to play and what tasks to set for yourself – you choose!