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Castle defense games are fun that gamers will love from the first minute. These entertainments will allow you to plunge into an amazing and fantastic world. The game is closely intertwined with several genres. At first, you will show the qualities of a good strategist and strengthen the defense, and then become a member of a fierce shooter. You have to not only defend your castle, but also shell the neighboring one. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the speed of the projectile. Each gamer has a limited amount of ammunition, so you need to spend them sparingly. Pay attention to the features of the relief, as well as the direction of the wind. There will often be hints in the game. Can’t get right on target and wipe the enemy castle off the face of the earth? Change the firing zone and turn on your ingenuity. You will need the qualities of a good strategist and a talented leader. Do not forget that we are talking about a very stable design. Destroying a building is not easy. Use the catapult and shoot right at the target. You may be able to destroy the building the first time. At the same time, do not lose vigilance, as the enemies are also on the alert and will try to destroy you.