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Online games are getting more and more popular every day. Unpretentious and unpretentious they are only at first glance. Fascinating and interesting – in fact. Games of the “Cannon” category presented on our portal are loved by children and adults. Sitting down for another computer game, you don’t even notice how quickly the hours fly by. Gun games are very interesting and exciting. Such ones can definitely take not one hour or two. This genre is one of the first, which was taken as a basis by the creators of computer innovations. Here, gamers are required not only accuracy, but also ingenuity. It is not enough just to shoot, you also need to calculate the flight path. Guns online only improve every year, becoming more like simulators, where victory is not luck, but thoughtful moves. Many games are made in the form of multi-level passing systems. In other words, to become a champion, the player needs to solve a lot of problems. With each new round, the difficulty will only increase. Such entertainment allows you to shoot cannons at various objects, including palaces and castles. Often, some characters become targets. You will not get tired of playing this genre of games, thanks to a variety of plots.