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If you are tired of the problems that are spinning in your head, then you obviously should be distracted. And Bubble shooting games are designed just for this purpose. For free and online, you can spend some time playing a game that completely reconfigures you, cheers you up, distracts you and makes you feel calmer. These are quite monotonous flash games for the computer, where you don’t have to be in suspense and expect that a monster can jump out from behind every corner. In this state, shooters are only annoying. But online balls are games that do not oblige you to anything. The main character is not there, there is no need to perform feats. Before you are simple, clear and precise tasks that are not so easy and fast to complete. Among all the varieties of these games, there are a lot of variations. For example, in the online game “Bubble Shooter”, i.e. shooting balls, you need to hit the balls of the desired color in the multi-colored balls at the top of the playing field. If you mix up the color, then the ball will remain on top, and you will lose when this whole structure touches the bottom. It is more interesting for someone to play Arkanoid, where with a small ball you need to knock down the balls from above, so that this ball does not drop. And for very expressive players, the “Master of the blast wave” is suitable, plant the detonator correctly and blow up all the balls with one click!