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Especially in order not to get bored during the working day, games were invented where simple balls become the main characters. Due to their geometric features, physical and mechanical properties, as well as their ease of drawing, marbles have become one of the most popular characters in flash games. The most famous game in this genre is Lines, invented by a Russian programmer and helping thousands of people from all over the world to spend their free time trying to break the record of the red king ball. You can play such games until you drop, because where logic fails, luck can come to the rescue. and while the modern versions of Lines are far ahead, the basic idea is reflected in many other games. Balls online is a lot of puzzles and games where you need to calculate the exact trajectory of the ball, such as in bowling or billiards. On our site you will find imitations of all such sports games. The portal also has a lot of all kinds of games with balls for physics, logic, with different puzzles, no matter how strange it may sound – different characters, each of which can have its own special properties, its own destiny and its own unique views on the world. In some places you just have to get out of the labyrinth, somewhere – to save the ball’s beloved. The plots of games with balls can be the most unpredictable. The ball is an ideal figure, devoid of all flaws. Even the ancient Greeks managed to appreciate this fact, so from time to time a ball itself becomes the main object of the game. But any ball game is always fun, so a good mood is guaranteed a priori. And the widest selection of our collection will not let you get bored, even if you are a genius and think that you have tried all these games.