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Boxing is a sport that is basically fighting. It has been practiced for many centuries, so even the Egyptians had strong men who fought valiantly. You have a unique chance to become a boxer, enter the ring and hold on until the opponent is knocked out. In our entertainment, you will experience realistic gameplay. However, before you go into battle, make sure you have certain skills. If not, then go through the training by running the appropriate fun. Hit a pneumatic bag, work out combined punches, practice with a punching bag. Once you feel ready, join the tournament to climb to the top of the Olympus. You will need to win many matches before you are crowned champion of the ring. Our database contains boxing games online in the arcade genre. Here you can choose boxers from cartoons and unleash devastating combos on your opponent. It is worth noting that in some entertainments there is an opportunity to fight against celebrities. For example, you can beat Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, as well as other show business stars like them. Also, gamers will be able to transfer the fight to the Wild West, fighting in an old saloon.