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In archery shooting games, those games are collected that use such an ancient weapon as a bow. Destruction of opponents with arrows from a bow is not a simple shooting game, playing which a gamer can load a clip and shoot in different directions at random. There are many different factors to consider when using this weapon. For example, wind direction and speed, windage and arrow weight. It is worth noting that if the target is very far away, then the “projectile” may not reach it at all. That’s when you need to apply a special tactic, that is, shoot at a slight angle, pointing the arrow up. Only in this way will she be able to reach her goal. By the way, archery is not easy, even in online entertainment. To become a professional archer, you need to spend a lot of time practicing, as well as visiting shooting galleries. But there are few such places now. This, in fact, is one of the reasons why archery games were created in which you can enjoy and master this craft to the fullest. Over time, some may make it their hobby. Our database includes a lot of fun in this genre. In it you can feel like a famous combat archer of the Middle Ages, and a professional athlete of the present time. This section of games will allow you to have fun and relax and gain positive emotions! Today, archery games are available to everyone and completely safe. There is entertainment for every taste.