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Board puzzle games are exactly the toys that we loved so much in childhood. One has only to remember how we gathered in companies at a large table, spending several exciting hours playing one or another board game. As a rule, the game included a large-scale game map, as well as unchanged attributes – chips, dice, cards, pawns, and the like. Of course, victory often depends on the player’s hand. However, logical abilities also decide a lot, as well as the ability to think strategically. And when a tense game situation arises on the field, this is where you begin to feel the intellectual excitement and truly appreciate board games. Today, this popular type of game has not disappeared, but only acquired a new form. After all, now to play board puzzles, you just need to install them on your computer, or simply visit our game portal and play this or that game for free. It should not be forgotten that toys in this category are not only entertaining, but also educational, and therefore can be extremely useful for children.