All Mahjong Games - Best Puzzle Adventure games

Adventure puzzle games are a great opportunity not only to play an online game with friends or with a computer, but also to stretch your brains, competing with others in the ability to solve mysteries and crack secret ciphers. Puzzles take the usual walkers to a new level for free, now, in order to complete the mission, it is not enough to walk around the map and find a given place. Puzzles will force you to distract from the environment and focus on one task, the completion of which will determine the success of passing the level. All rpg games, new and old, one way or another, involved puzzles, because with them the game becomes many times more fun. Even a game with pixel art, such as the sensational “Gemini Rue”, becomes much more attractive than its colorful counterparts using 3D graphics, by complicating missions with puzzles. The protagonist finds himself in an alternate reality, not remembering who he is, why he is here, and not understanding how to get out. At first, he simply wanders around the building in which he has been placed, but as other characters tell him strange facts from his supposedly own biography, his tasks in the game become more and more complicated.