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Ball games in ancient Greece were extremely popular with children. They also attracted adults. The sizes of the balls could be very different, and their outer shell was made of leather or other durable material. Down, feathers, wool, hair were stuffed inside the product, or air was simply pumped in. To this day, references to the balls of artists made of glass have survived. There is almost no information left about ball games. One of the well-known ancient pastimes using this round-shaped product was a game reminiscent of field hockey. In ancient Rome, this kind of games helped to improve health. As a rule, they were organized in the open air, but there were also rooms and entire buildings equipped specifically for such fun. In the modern world, the ball is used in many sports games that hundreds of thousands of people visit and watch on television every year. The ball is used in the number one sport in the world – in football, in equally popular games such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, handball and many other games used around the world. Balls, or rather balls, are used in billiards, bowling. On our portal, namely in this section, a lot of sports simulators with a ball are collected, both the most traditional and the most extraordinary and absurd. For example, the game of football with jeeps is very interesting, where you need to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. A lot of physics ball games are also presented here. All this is due to the special properties of such a magnificent invention of mankind as a ball!