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At lunchtime or after a hard day’s work, when you want to relax and unwind, many people choose online ball games. There are a huge number of varieties of these games on the computer, ranging from sports when you play online billiards to children’s toys with funny animals and balloons. Balloon adventure games are for those who want action and an interesting plot instead of long logical thinking. But, nevertheless, these free games, unlike many other adventure games, are not at all annoying, because the storyline here is usually very simple, and the main characters, as you might guess, are balls. And no complex relationships, only the adventure of colorful balls that help to distract and switch attention. For example, the online game “Red Ball” is the most popular among fans of the genre, and has four parts. In each of them you have to play with a small red ball, which tends to its goal – to raise the red flag. Along the way, you will meet various needles, spikes, pins that are deadly for the character, and bypassing all this, you should not fall into the abyss. A distinctive feature of this toy is the physical laws, the effect of which has not been canceled. Give yourself a free little break, and feel like a winner by checking a couple of flags!