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Racing arcade games are familiar to fans of the smell of asphalt, hot under the tropical sun of remote locations of the competition. It is also machine oil, vital for your iron horse, as water is important for a person. These are magnificent chrome-plated tuned race car bodies in the widest range – from monstrous rally cars to Formula 1 cars, and, of course, this is off-scale, adrenaline flowing through your veins. Follow the path of a racing champion – from an unknown guy from some outlying town who loves to pilot pickups, to the magnificent and famous master of driving racing cars of various classes. Challenge your opponents to racing duels, earn yourself winning places in tournaments, decorate the champion wall with prizes earned in difficult races, upgrade your car to make it even more powerful and defeat the strongest drivers. Break through the dense rows of opponents on the track, leave the losers behind, or even in the ditch, use the maximum of your reaction and driving skills, complicate the game even more by turning on the manual gear shift mode for greater realism – the road is waiting for its hero!