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Arcade ball games are probably the perfect combination. The ease of control and the uncomplicated plot of classic arcades perfectly echo the unpretentious format of ball games. All games of this genre are exactly what you need if you don’t want to strain your brains too much, but you don’t mind spending an hour or two in the relaxing atmosphere of online games. Perhaps, each of us at least once in our lives tried to play something close to the theme of balls – just a few years ago, the sensational Zuma appeared, which still holds a leading position in the list of popular online games with balls. The game captivated with its simplicity and complexity at the same time – it would seem that the player has only one task, but sometimes it is not so easy to cope with it. The moving stream of multi-colored bubbles seems endless, but we know that the finish line is just around the corner … And yet, it is not always possible to successfully shoot and build a combination of balls of the same color, and here it is – the final, unfortunately, is not so successful, as you would like. Do not despair! You can try your hand for free again and again until you reach the desired result, destroy absolutely all the balls in the moving chain and collect the maximum bonuses.