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Arcade fighting games are a classic genre of platform entertainment. You will have to become the hero of a fantastic action movie for a while, telling the story of a lone hero cutting his way to the goal through thousands of enemy armies, but using not at all vulgar firearms of death, as one might think, but one of the most noble arts of the entire history of mankind , whose roots go back to ancient times, is the highest art of fisticuffs. Work your way from green rookie fighting a real opponent for the first time in his life to master sensei wielding the deadliest hand-to-hand combat techniques ever developed. Take lessons from experienced fighters, but be careful: most of them will share their wisdom only after you put them on both shoulder blades. Challenge the most leaders of the enemy hordes, surrounded by terrible rumors, to a duel, defeat the best of the best. But our free online arcade fighting games are not limited to the passage of the storyline: invite players from the online community to join, fight against the most alive opponents, hone your tactics to a shine! Clench your fists: You have a hard way ahead!