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Alien games will please many fans of fantastic fun. UFO in virtual space is an opportunity to touch the unknown. A huge number of people on planet Earth believe in the existence of life on other planets. So far, it has not been officially proven that there can be an intelligent extraterrestrial race. But, science fiction writers, as well as filmmakers, are actively developing this topic. This direction is also interesting for animators. Many exciting films and animated series have been created, the main characters of which are aliens. These creatures appear to many as some kind of monsters, whose main goal is to destroy earthlings and occupy the blue planet. There are many fantastic films about the ruthlessness of aliens who need our planet or, conversely, a person brings civilization to the planet, considering it uninhabited by living beings. And these creatures are very much alive and, of course, will protect their planet at any cost. But there are also many good stories in which representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations help humanity to escape from an imminent catastrophe. The online entertainment industry has not been left out. Alien games are especially loved by many gamers. They allow you to travel to another dimension. Here, in the games, there are also evil aliens who are ready to enslave our homeland, destroying everything in a row, and good aliens who are destined to go down in history as some kind of saviors of humanity or some other alien race. In any case, which alien to play is up to you, the players. The outcome of the mission or battle will depend on the actions of the players.