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Physics is not only a collection of boring formulas, incomprehensible numbers and strange schemes. First of all, it is a science that explains many patterns and effects on objects and people. And it is this knowledge that will not be superfluous for an experienced gamer. After all, a person who can calculate where his character will jump or how best to get to his destination will definitely win! And, of course, compliance with the laws of physics brings the game on the computer closer to real life, and this is much more interesting. Physics adventure games are a universal genre that contains a lot of action, interesting events and maximum realism. Here you need to be very careful, pay attention to the little things and think one step ahead. Because with the right shot, it is quite possible to take down multiple enemies. The main thing is to calculate everything correctly, and boldly embark on a battle. Or in the online game “Anomalous Gravity” you have to help save the life of a little black alien. He needs to get to his portal and from level to level it becomes more and more difficult. But thanks to your ingenuity and the ability of the main character to create balls with different gravitational forces, it is not so difficult to pass this arcade! Free physics games are a great way to apply your knowledge in non-standard situations!