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In fact, girls are no less active and inquisitive than boys. And it cannot be said that rpg games are not entertainment for little princesses at all. On the contrary, at such a young age, I really want to be involved in real adventures, plunge into the world of victories and fantasies. What little girl does not dream of sitting majestically in the saddle on her white horse? It’s so fabulous and beautiful. And you can stroke your online pet, feed it with apples and sugar, choose a harness and a horseshoe. Adventure games for girls are simply distinguished by their stories and adventures, making the sweet dreams of little heroines come true. Free games will provide an opportunity to try yourself not only as a fragile fairy or Cinderella, but also to choose a more active, strong and bright character. For example, inquisitive journalism, a beautiful Barbie doll. Her task is to find the stolen necklace and only a person who knows a lot about investigations can help her. Adventure games are one of the most realistic genres of computer games, because it is the young heroine who will have to communicate with all people, fulfill their requests and tasks, stand guard over truth and justice. You can try almost everything that a child dreams of for free.