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Adventure games 3D is a unique way to get away from what is happening around and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of adventure and adventurism! In this genre of free games, you choose a specific character that you like more than others. After all, it is with him that you will go through all the difficulties, you will perform various tasks, as well as move from location to location. Like all free games, rpg games are very different. One of the most important differences between one walker and another is the difficulty of passing it. Therefore, if you are only ten years old or you are playing for the first time, then there are rpg games from which you should begin your development as an experienced player. Or you are already an experienced gamer, and then among all the online games you will definitely find something for your level. Another fundamental difference between such games on the computer is the plot. Starting from adventure games purely for boys, where transformers or superheroes will be the main characters, and ending with games for adults, where the passage will be really difficult, and the plot will be intellectual. Not deservedly, the genre of walkers for girls is often overlooked. But for a little girl it is difficult to imagine something more exciting than to control a fairy-tale hero and, together with him, experiencing every event, go through the entire plot of your favorite fairy tale! And most importantly, all this variety can be played completely free of charge.