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If you have a well-developed logic and you are not a fan of games where you need to mindlessly press buttons, then 3D strategy games will surely be able to impress. You have to solve global, serious tasks. Perhaps the fate of the world will be in your hands! Concentration, concentration and balanced decisions, that’s what you need when you play online strategy. As well as the ability to analyze, think tactically – without all this you will never win. After all, the victory lies in the thoughtfulness of the process. There are many categories within the strategy genre. And each player chooses for himself: to play military strategy or economic. Commanding an army or fighting for the survival of a business is equally exciting and exciting. And if you have tried one thing, but have not played another type of strategy, then you should definitely try it! New 3D technologies create the most realistic pictures of the game, characters, landscapes. You should not play strategies for someone who expects a quick passage. But on the other hand, if you are stubborn and adamant enough, you will get great pleasure when you win a medieval battle as a commander, or create a successful dizzying business in the bright world of the future!