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3D puzzle games are free puzzles, crosswords, mindfulness games, search for objects, scientific and technical questions, in a word, everything that can drive into a dead end and entertain even the biggest lover to move the convolutions. Games of this type, as a rule, do not force the player to strain, trying to meet the speed limit, but often turn out to be much more difficult to pass, because if you do not fit in the given time, you can try again and again, but the unsolved riddle will always be the same complicated. In particular, one of the well-known areas of online puzzles is the popular genre “Get out of the room” or “Find a way out”. All games are presented in the same way: the main character finds himself in some kind of closed space, usually a room, with a very limited set of tools and objects in which to look for a clue. The player’s task is to make every effort to still find the necessary details, and then put them together and find a way out of the room. Sometimes players don’t even imagine that a single room can take them several hours. In a word, if mental abilities are a priority for you than physical data, the world of puzzles will seem infinitely attractive to you.