All Mahjong Games - 3D games for kids

3D games for children will help to captivate the child with a fun game without fear of injury or unnecessary trouble for parents. Girls and boys, of course, prefer different games, but all the games in the section for children are aimed at both groups. The boys will be able to choose a game to their liking with action elements, a dynamic plot and bright characters. For example, almost all fighting games provide an opportunity to try on the costume of your favorite superhero – Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine and many others. Or just feel a few years older and cooler by participating in a fight as part of a gang of thugs. Games for girls, on the contrary, open the world of fairy tales and magic, beautiful princes, dragons, deeds and magic for young princesses. Evil witches lie in wait at the exit from the garden, and white ponies and unicorns gallop freely through the meadows. For girls who are less romantic and more modern, there are new games, for example, about Barbie and her friends. Choose outfits, go for walks, come to auditions in trendy music studios – a huge world of entertainment is available for girls of all ages and interests. There are also neutral options or games for younger kids – collect rows of balloons or solve free puzzles – logic tasks or mindfulness games will compete with their dynamic counterparts.