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Fighting games 3D recreate the atmosphere of real street fights or even make you feel like a gladiator in the arena. Just like in reality, your online life depends on speed and dexterity, but if you lose, you can resume the duel and take revenge on your opponent. No more fractures or shameful flight – fight to the last, and if your strength is running out – hot key combinations will help you not lose face. For free, you will be able to face the main anti-heroes of all time – Italian mafiosi, Japanese yakuza, Hasidic terrorists and others. New heroes and stories will make you show great ingenuity and think about how to beat the car, because if the battle with familiar opponents is logical and understandable, then aliens from outer space or superheroes can surprise you with unexpected moves. Fight and win, get up from your knees in case of a loss, because it is so natural – none of us is perfect, and under no circumstances give up – perhaps the future of a city, country or the whole planet depends only on your hero. Develop, get skills and weapons, challenge stronger opponents, you will never get tired of playing 3D games with their incredible graphics and exciting stories!