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Snail Bob 6 – Winter Story

Something that our funny hero did not expect on Christmas Eve was messages from a creepy green villain. It says that he kidnapped the brother of the snail Bob and, now, keeps him in captivity. But Bob can't let his brother spend Christmas in captivity. And this means that it's time to go on a new exciting adventure through the snowy world. Go through mazes of levels, overcome obstacles and play funny mini-games. And help Bob reach his goal. To do this, you will have to show all your ingenuity and ingenuity. The passage of the game is built in such a way that in order to get out of the maze, you will have to perform some specific logical action. The difficulty will only increase, so you have to sweat a lot. But the game is worth it! The game is very exciting and useful for learning logical actions. It is simply impossible to die of boredom from this curious game. An exciting journey awaits you! Good luck!