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Fireboy and Watergirl 3 – Ice Temple

Fire and Water in the Ice Temple is a continuation of the adventure of the beloved heroes-elements – Water and Fire! The first level will remind you of the first part of the game, but then, when passing the game, everything will be different. In this uniquely designed game, you have to run through various mazes, collect diamonds, get out of various troubles, and solve puzzles worse than those of Sherlock Holmes. You will come across an excellent graphical shell, well-drawn levels, chic graphics, as well as perfectly fictional characters. You have to play not for any other daredevils, but for the guardians of the elements themselves – water and fire, which this time fell into ice caves, snowdrifts and icicles lie in wait for our little friends. In most levels, you will have to use and manipulate mirrors and various switches, so you can control the rays of light. Watch out for water tanks when playing Fire and lava when playing Water. As well as black mud, which is dangerous for both Water and Fire. Two fates are in your hands, whether you can make history using the power of your heroes or not is up to you.