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Cut the Rope

The game Cut the Rope is a bright representative of fun puzzle games. Little green monster Om Nom from the game Cut The Rope, something very similar to a frog, just loves to eat candy. But here's the problem! Someone took away all the sweets and hung them high, high on long ropes, having previously tangled the latter and set up a bunch of additional obstacles. But you won't leave a hungry monster in the lurch, will you? Your task is to cut the ropes in the correct sequence so that the lollipop gets right into the monster's mouth. An absolutely simple task even for a child, but the game becomes more difficult with each new level, because the lollipop on its way must collect the maximum number of stars and pass obstacles. Various approach methods such as placing a lollipop in a bubble, balancing with ropes or blowing air cushions will help the monster feel full and make you happy as you progress through the next level! The graphics in the game are outstanding, with the most vivid emotions, colorful cartoons. There are a lot of levels, so you are guaranteed a couple of hours of good mood, and since the game is intellectual, you will also do exercises for your brains. Good luck!