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CS Portable

Probably, there is not a single gamer who has not played the shooter of all times and peoples with an addiction for hours! This is the online version of the pc game Counter-Strike in your browser. The game came out with amazing 3D graphics, in an unusually amazing guise. This is not a complete clone, but all fans of counter will have something to remember, familiar maps and weapons, almost everything is done in the good old 1.6 style. For beginners, I will explain the essence of the game. You play as one of two teams that fight each other with firearms and melee weapons. To distinguish the players, before the start of the battle, you are invited to choose who you will play for (special forces or terrorists) and choose a camouflage uniform. The battle lasts until the last opponent is destroyed. There are several game options. You can play alone with bots or with real opponents online. All popular modes are supported: classic, survival, team deathmatch, etc. A large number of settings are included for server creators: customizable player health and speed, zombie level, various mods (night mode, slowdown, space mode). Dozens of different maps are now available, it is also possible to create your own maps for the game.